Conservation and the commoners of the New Forest by Julian Cooper

The next Open Talk will be on the 30th April, 7.30, White Hart.

Willows on Wolvercote Common

The eagle-eyed will have noticed that the willows have now been planted in the NE corner of the Common, in accordance with feedback from commoners and the permissions received from Natural England and English Heritage. Substantial willow staves were chosen, to try to avoid the need for fencing to protect them from leaning and browsing livestock (see 2(b) on options for a green screen). At this stage there are no plans to plant on the south side of the pond/ditch, and permission for such planting has not been sought.

Welcome to Wolvercote Letter

We have reinstated the Welcome to Wolvercote letter to explain the history of our commons and the role of the committee to new residents. Please feel free to forward it to any new neighbours.

Wolvercote Commoners Open Talks

Colin Tudge spoke on 'A village farm for Wolvercote and onwards to the Agrarian Renaissance - How we can create a world fit for our children despite the status quo', Thursday, 22nd January, 7.30, White Hart Pub.

Pulling Thistles

Many thanks to the commoners who turned out to help pull marsh thistle from Wolvercote Green on the January work morning. A good amount of material was pulled, which means we won't have to cut the area in question as early in the summer, giving the orchids that have been increasing there a better chance of flowering.

Goose Green Management Plan

The WCC's updated management plan for Goose Green is now available.

Wolvercote Commoners Open Talks

Port Meadow and Picksey Mead: a Tale for Wolvercotians’ by Alison McDonald. Thanks to all who came along to the talk. Watch this space for details of the next one.

Northern Gateway AAP - WCC's Response

The WCC's response to the latest round of consultation on the Northern Gateway development was submitted to the council recently. You can read it here.

AGM Minutes

The minutes of the 2014 AGM are now available.

Removing Crassula helmsii from the Long Pond

Many thanks to Judy Webb from the Oxford Flora Group and all the other volunteers who turned out on Saturday 20th September to dig out invasive, non-native Crassula helmsii from the Long Pond. We managed to remove about a third of the infestation, amounting to 33 bags which were kindly removed by the Council. The presence of this plant threatens the nationally rare creeping marshwort on Port Meadow, so continued vigilance and further effort is required to keep on top of it and prevent it spreading down the ditches and streams. We'll be organising future digging efforts, so please watch this space and come and lend a hand! (To give an idea of how rare creeping marshwort is, until recently Port Meadow was the only place in Britain that it was known to grow).

List of Keyholders

An updated list of keyholders for the various gates onto the commons can be found here (or under Management of the Commons in the main menu).

Improvements at the Jubilee Gate

Thanks to the small band of commoners who turned out to repair the ground at the Jubilee Gate and improve access for pushchairs and wheelchairs.

Flora and Fungi of Port Meadow and Wolvercote Common

Our thanks to Dr Judith Webb of the Oxfordshire Flora Group for permission to reproduce her report on flora and fungi of Port Meadow and Wolvercote Common (appendices and images).

Farm Ability Work Parties

We're very happy to have a group of co-farmers from Farm Ability helping out with some commons maintenance tasks. The first job they tackled was the clearing of brambles on Goose Green to help restore the view through from Godstow Road, and we look forward to working with them again in the near future.

Birds on Wolvercote Green

Read the results of a local resident's survey of bird species on the Green.

Archaeology of Port Meadow

An interesting article by Simon Pressey, which mentions some of the archaeological features of Wolvercote Common.

Ponies on Wolvercote Common and Port Meadow

Several people have expressed concern about the welfare of ponies on the meadows while they're in flood. Please read this letter from one of the owners, which should allay any fears.


Please see the Contact Us page for suggestions on how best to contact the committee and to stay informed about the commons.