Scythes, Rushes and Cowslips

Thanks to all who turned out for the latest work morning! With the help of our trusty scythes we topped the soft rush (Juncus effusus) that has been coming up on Wolvercote Green, to prevent it from dominating the grass and wildflowers. Using the scythes means we can avoid cutting the cowslips (Primula veris) that have been coming up in great numbers since aftermath grazing by cattle was restarted a few years ago. If you look closely you may spot a couple of rarer red-flowered cowslips in the back part of the Green, closest to the canal.

Cattle Grazing

Spring is here, the grass is growing again and cattle have returned to graze the Common. The first few graziers returned their animals to the meadow last week, and the herd will grow over the coming weeks. Later in the summer, a few animals will be moved over to Wolvercote Green for the aftermath (grazing the second flush of grass growth after the hay crop is taken).

Flora and Fungi of Port Meadow and Wolvercote Common

Our thanks to Dr Judith Webb of the Oxfordshire Flora Group for permission to reproduce her report on flora and fungi of Port Meadow and Wolvercote Common (appendices and images).


A reminder that the AGM will now take place on Wednesday 30th April at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.

Farm Ability Work Parties

We're very happy to have a group of co-farmers from Farm Ability helping out with some commons maintenance tasks. The first job they tackled was the clearing of brambles on Goose Green to help restore the view through from Godstow Road, and we look forward to working with them again in the near future.

Pond Workshop

A free and informal workshop for commoners interested in the ecology of College Pool (on Wolvercote Green, opposite the village hall) on Saturday 31st May from 10am to noon. Meet outside the village hall.

Birds on Wolvercote Green

Read the results of a local resident's survey of bird species on the Green.

Archaeology of Port Meadow

An interesting article by Simon Pressey, which mentions some of the archaeological features of Wolvercote Common.

Ponies on Wolvercote Common and Port Meadow

Several people have expressed concern about the welfare of ponies on the meadows while they're in flood. Please read this letter from one of the owners, which should allay any fears.


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